Travelogue Tuesday

Yes, two posts in as many days, universe ending event of extreme apocalyptic scale I know.

In all seriousness though I am thinking about what I’m doing with the blog. Whether I should continue in a journal/diary like format and post stuff as and when it happens, or, as the post title suggests, I schedule the kinds of things I am writing about to certain days of the week so that I can structure what it is that I am writing about and putting up on the blog.

In my renewed efforts to try to be a more responsible adult I’m making at attempt to unplug, as I mentioned yesterday. This means I’m not actually planning on being at the PC or anything else, instead, I’m trying to prioritise the things that need doing around the house and things I can do to help out my hard-working wife. I may work a full-time job but I’m not treating when I get home as downtime anymore, I want to make sure I’m contributing more fully to the household and therefore really choosing carefully what I spend my free time doing when I actually don’t have anything else that can be done of an evening.

After completing last nights set of chores and preparing for today (I’m really trying to be a big boy now!) I did manage to sit down at my computer desk at around 2230hrs. I’d managed to collect my daughter from nursery, do the weekly shopping, take a shower, cook and eat dinner, empty and refill the dishwasher, empty and refill the washing machine and prepare today’s lunch. Having not planned on PC time I started assembling some of the rather large amount of plastic that I have dotted around the place. Seeing as Gribblin and I had enjoyed the game of Deadzone we’d played I set about opening and assembling the Marauders starter, the last of the models I have to assemble. I do like how these guys go together. Sometimes there are more bits to them than you’d like, but when they work they work very well with everything lining up neatly and going together easily. A few commandos and the Goblin Snipers are accompanied by a Pyro. I glued the Ripper suit bodies to their bases but have not yet looked into gluing the vast array of bits from these two models into something that can be used on the table. I found this to be rather therapeutic and a nice break from running around trying to get everything else done.

I am hoping that this change in focus is going to lead me to being more selective about how I spend my free time and I want to dedicate far more of it to tabletop endeavours, we’ll see how long I can keep it up for. What I will need to do as well I think is to document more stuff for upload so that I can share what I am working on. That should in turn help to motivate me to complete projects as well as showing to others that gaming isn’t just a non-stop collection of stuff that will never get painted.

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