2014 – A New Year of Promise

If I’m perfectly honest 2013 was virtually a complete bust in terms of gaming. The blog suffered for a lack of taking time to engage in the hobby that I love. We’ve dropped from an average of around 500 views per day to more like 150. While that is still far more than I ever thought possible when I started this thing we’ve soared to massive heights and then started to drift back down to the ground.

So, if anything, I’d like to get back to doing more on the blog and talking more about the hobby that I love and also spend more time playing.

The good news is that towards the end of last year this started to happen, not the blogging bit, but the gaming bit. There has definitely been a resurgence in gaming among the denizens of the floating citadel. This isn’t the normal 2-4 hour throw down with miniatures, we’ve been doing more with boards and cards, I don’t mind that at all. What it is going to lead into though, is us getting more of those games in too. Over Christmas I got to play with Gribblin and nBreaker some. We even got to try out Deadzone (which is ace). Gribblin will be returning to his first love (nasty extra-galactic aliens in the form of the new Tyranids) with the new GW releases this weekend so we’ll be seeing some more 40k. Then I know he’s eager to face off for a continuation of our long standing Warhammer Fantasy rivalry. I’ve only got a few more boxes of stuff left before all my Dark Elves are done, I got a lot more stuck together over Christmas.

I’m trying to temper myself right now, spend less time plugged into the computer, more time spent taking care of my family and more time for gaming of the model variety. While the computer is an easy out, after spending so little time on it over Christmas I’m trying to carry that forward to make better use of my time. When I’ve say down at my desk and built some models the day seems to last longer, it doesn’t disappear as quickly as it can when you’re plugged into the PC. This makes me feel good and we’ll see if I can carry this on. I’ve tried to do it before but lacked the stamina to see it through. For some reason though, I feel differently about it all this year.

It’s almost as if I’m growing up……