It’s Tragic

magic_logoI know what you’re thinking “wow, these guys are still alive?” Yes it’s been a very long time since anything got posted here. As explained before, we’re not gaming as much as we have done previously, nor meeting up as often either. This of course, has the knock on effect that there’s less to blog about, despite the fact that the gaming world is still alive with all kinds of wonderful goings on and new games/releases that keep us all excited individually. I’ve found new gold in the likes of Godslayer, Star Trek Attack Wing and the X-wing miniatures game. Anticipation from pledging for Deadzone. As well as over the weekend, a revisit to an old classic.


Wikipedia reliably informs me that Magic: The Gathering came onto the scene in 1993, I can remember playing it from about 1995 and remember things like the Arabian Nights expansion, the Ice Age block and white bordered cards. Every now and again we trot out the cards for a few games and I occasionally purchase one of the premade decks as a little bit of fun.

After playing a game of Star Trek Attack Wing and a spot of lunch we had a three way game of Magic between yours truly, the always dreaded Gribblin and erstwhile gaming companion nBreaker. No-one else had brought any cards so I had to hunt around for my decks, cunningly hidden inside a Lorwyn fatpack deck box. I took a premade Green/Black guild deck, Gribblin took an older Ravnica Blue/Black deck which left nBreaker to suffer horribly with my pure White deck that I’d constructed myself from the 2013 Deckbuilder’s Tool Kit. nBreaker then proceeded to win both games we had. Hurray for the deckbuilder I say!

So, is this alone worthy of a blog post? Not really, what did pique my blogging interest was how simple and deep Magic can be. In the second game Gribblin had been swampwalking his way over my life total. While I was pretty safe behind some meaty creatures I was pretty badly mana starved considering the number of turns we’d played. My win condition was always going to be about removing enemy creatures and then pummeling the player to death but as it had taken me so long to get anything like a third of my land out the other players were suitably reinforced too. Gribblin was using his deck to burn through nBreakers library while he was waiting for a couple of spells to try to romp his own creatures through Gribblins defences. So it was that Gribblin had two untapped creatures left to defend after taking another chunk from nBreaker’s deck. In my turn I drew and had one of those lovely cards that lets you search through your graveyard and grab something from it. I’d been left on a single lifepoint from the swampwalkers so I was pretty much going to lose. I pulled the Murder card back from my Graveyard that I’d used to prevent some damage earlier. I killed one of Gribblin’s untapped critters, then used another card to remove his Belltower Sphinx which had been poised to block anyone all game and hurt their library to boot. Thus, with his defences gone and all his mana tapped, I sent EVERYTHING! Twenty-one points of damage everything. The look on his face was priceless. He’d gone from being a mere few turns away from glory to a single round of beatdown.

We all had a good chuckle about it and I think it did a bit to revive our interest in the old gal, especially considering how well my own constructed deck had actually worked against the others, in the end netting a win from both games. I might have to have another look and see if there’s something else I can come up with from cards that would actually be legal in a standard format now as I actually quite enjoy building my own decks and seeing how they do. The good thing is that this is a game that doesn’t require a whole lot of stuff, you can play with a standard bought deck, but the layers and complexity are there if you want it. I look forward to Gribblin getting his own back, but as he blew up my Klingons earlier, I thought it fair recompense.