Great news from Gencon


While we gamers are stuck over here in the sunny UK, scratch that rainy UK, the US is host to Gencon 2013 in Indy. While following the news from various sources, there have been a few stand out exciting announcements. The first I would like to share with you is from the excellent Fantasy Flight Game X-Wing.

Here is the picture that had me all excited:


Yes, that’s right! The small X-Wing is dwarfed by Tantive 4 (Corellian Corvette) & Rebel Transport for a WAVE 4 release in early 2014.

I wonder how the game will cope with the larger ships, I hear that there will be some new rules (New Epic tournament rules), also I hear that the X-Wing in the picture is Jek Porkins and included as an escort with the Corvette. Priced around 89.95 for the Tantive IV & 59.95 for the Rebel Transport I think we can expect a direct exchange into Pounds, will you pay nearly £90? I think I may have too 🙂

Here are some more pictures until I have some more news.