Confusing the DM and why I love DnD

For a number of months now Servitob and myself have been playing Dungeons & Dragons with a local role play gaming group.  Servitob has been playing his usual Dwarven chef turned warrior waking people meat cleavers and bashing them with his wok-turned-shield.  Myself I went with my usual hippie Elf, though as the group already had a ranger when I joined I chose a Druid, with his pet eagle (Emohawk).  The party also includes an Elf Ranger who likes to run up walls, a Half-Orc Cleric who’s out to drink the world dry of booze and a Human Cleric/Wizard who likes to heal and light up the room.

Our adventures reached a climax last night in a sea cave where we encountered loads of Drow and an Orca who liked to take bites out of people.  Its been a long time since I’ve play DnD (we’ve been using the Pathfinder edition) and I’d forgotten how much fun it can be.  One of the things I love most about the game is the ability to be creative.  In the battle last night in the sea cave there was the Drow shattered wooden walk ways and shot crossbow bolts, charmed and throw fireballs, but all this time in the water was the Orca taking bites out of us as we walked along the narrow shoreline.

This led to the moment of creativity that I love so much about DnD.  After having been bitten by the Orca myself, my Druid (in leopard form) had jumped up on to the walk way and with the eagle pet had taken out the Drow guards, whilst the Half-Orc (with a flying spell) tried to take on the Drow boss.  The Orca bit our Half-Orc friend, virtually killing him, and at the least rendering him unconscious and drowning.  In an effort to save our co-adventurer I came out of leopard form and cast speak to animals, and courtesy of some decent dice rolling, manged to persuade the Orca to stop attack us and save the Half-Orc instead.  All this done for the promise of fish.  Its not the fun of the adventure or the heroic save that made me enjoy the moment, but the look of the DM’s face when I told him what I was going to do and him trying to figure out what and how this was going to happen/work.

That’s what I love about DnD; the ability to think/act outside of the box and to confuse the hell out the DM.