X-Wing – New Releases Announced

So another game we have been looking into playing is X-Wing, ZombiePirate and myself have some ships, i have both side and he has just Imperial.

So FFG have announced the next wave, wave three.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the next four single starship expansions for X-Wing™!

The HWK-290™ Expansion Pack, Lambda-class Shuttle™ Expansion Pack, B-Wing™ Expansion Pack, and TIE Bomber™ Expansion Pack are scheduled to arrive in the third quarter of 2013. Each of these expansions comes with a detailed miniature starship, accurately rendered at the same 1/270 scale as the game’s other ships (as always, we worked closely with Lucasfilm Ltd. to ensure the correct sizes of each ship), and includes multiple ship cards, upgrades, a maneuver dial, and all necessary tokens.


Supporting Your Fleet

As a group, these starships allow X-Wing players to pursue a wide range of new, tightly focused, squad-based strategies built around their support functions and system upgrades.

Both the HWK-290 and Lambda-class Shuttle Expansion Packs introduce an array of support options that clever squad leaders will be able to use to great effect. Designed from the ground up as support ships, the HWK-290 and Lambda-class Shuttle are versatile utility vessels that make your other starships better.

The HWK-290 comes with four ship cards for a Rebel Operative and three unique pilots, including the renowned Kyle Katarn, who can assign his focus tokens to friendly ships within Range 1–3. Additionally, each HWK-290 can be outfitted with a turret weapon and a crew member, and the expansion provides you with six upgrade options, including the unique Moldy Crow title card, representing Kyle Katarn’s signature starship.

Meanwhile, Imperial fleets gain the support of the new Lambda-class Shuttle. This starship expansion includes four ship cards, featuring three unique pilots who can each provide powerful benefits to their squad mates. As an example, Captain Kagi can divert enemy target locks from your other ships and force your opponent to fire against his shuttle and its five shields. The Lambda-class Shuttle is highly customizable, too, as each one can carry up to two crew members, one cannon, and a system upgrade. Pair Captain Kagi with a Rebel Captive, and you may discourage your opponent from trying to establish target locks and fire missiles. The expansion comes with a total of twelve upgrade cards.

Also new to this wave of expansions is a new type of upgrade, the system upgrade (). System upgrades appear with both the Lambda-class Shuttle and B-Wing Expansion Packs, and they give players more control over the game by reducing the potential risks inherent in random dice rolls and an opponent’s unpredictability. For example, when your ship is defending against an attack, the Sensor Jammer allows you to convert one of your opponent’s results to a result that cannot be rerolled. Be sure to see our coverage of system upgrades in upcoming previews.

Another exciting group of ships and out third medium sized based ship to add to, Slave One and the Falcon. Interesting to see the first ship not from the classic movies, Kyle Katarn’s signature starship “Moldy Crow” featured in the games and books. This is an interesting turn of events for FFG and fans alike. What will come next??? Until then we have to wait and see how these excellent looking ships with effect the game.


5 thoughts on “X-Wing – New Releases Announced”

  1. Can’t say I’m that impressed with the Moldy Crow, but then I’m not a big fan of the expanded universe. But given they’ve pretty much done all the ships from the original movies, I can’t see what other direction FFG could go. Maybe we’ll see a Z-95 soon.

    As for the other ships, well they all look pretty funky. I particularly like the TIE Bomber.

  2. Yeah I see what you mean, just compare the stats on the cards above with the Lambda. 21 pts vs 27 pts. 2 more shots, 1 extra hull, 4 extra shields and 2 extra on crew quality.

    I look forward to the ships from the books and games, Tie Defender anyone?

  3. There’s also the Imperial Gunboat missing from the TIE Fighter games line-up as that’s what we seem to be getting towards. There are also a lot of other ships that they could do from various other games.

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