Servitob Goes to EVE Fanfest 2013

29-04-13 047Reykjavik – home to 200,000 people wishing they were someplace warmer and the online spacecrime and grief experience that is EVE Online.

So what’s the news? CCP (the makers of internet spreadsheet spaceship simulator) seem to be getting quite heavily in DUST 514. This is a free to play FPS for Playstation 3 set in the EVE universe. Currently they are attempting to integrate the two games. Planetary invasions and battles with alt-tabbing for spaceship orbital strikes are likely to make the initial release; with heavy hints that in future boarding actions may well be part of the experience. Good idea? I’m not a fan of FPS games and I know players can be a fickle bunch which may limit it’s longevity.

Top idea for the week has to go to CCP Soundwave, who in a seminar suggested that you should be able to place bounties from the EVE forums. Hopefully this would lead to bad posters getting big bounties on their heads and the associated infinite grief when they login to play the game!

The big reveal though was the suggestion that CCP are going to build a statue in Reykjavik 5.14m tall to celebrate 10 years of EVE Online with every player’s name engraved upon it. Apparently Iceland has no planning laws!

The big big reveal was the notion that CCP are going to make a TV series a-la Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones etc based upon the shenanigans that go on in the game. A few months back a site was put up collecting stories that they will use as inspiration for the storylines. You can find the site here.