6InchMove does Salute 2013

obama-salutingAs servitob has already so eloquently described the 6 Inch Move crew descended from our sky fortress this past weekend. As is familiar to gamers everywhere we recruited our 5 man party, journeyed without any summoning stone shenanigans to the capital of our great nation. As is also familiar when we reached our destination we found out that three fifths of the group hadn’t yet done the required attunement quest. Carabus and I therefore joined the queue for the Salute instance while the other three went off to make suitable supplications.

This meant that Carabus and I got to spend a little over an hour in the show before things got really busy. First order of the day was to find me a TIE fighter to finish off my X-wing army. However, within seconds of the event starting all the X-wing stuff sold out at every stand simultaneously. There was some on one stand, but the Machiavellian stall owner had rapidly repriced all his TIEs with a 33% increase over the RRP (despite the other ships still being RRP). Unsurprisingly I bit my thumb at him and snorted deridingly before walking off in righteous indignation.

It was nice to get in as part of the “Priority” queue for having pre-purchased our tickets. We got to see a lot of stuff before the show really got busy, although we didn’t really do much detailed searching as we wanted to check out lots of stuff as a full group.

I’m always a little hesitant when going down to Salute. In 2010 I didn’t think there was much there, it certainly wasn’t as good as when I was there in 2006, however, both 2012 and this year I have to say that the show was excellent. It really does showcase how big the industry has gotten, there is so much to see there across numerous genres and you can see the direction things are going. There are a ton of terrain stands now where there wasn’t really anything of the quality we can get now. I’ve included a couple of photos of the cityscape from Hawk Wargames. It’s a full 6′ * 4′ gaming table for £30. We’ll be doing a full review of it shortly and it’s rather impressive considering it’s just card stock.

IMG_20130420_103317 IMG_20130420_103333

We probably spent longer outside the Hawk stand than anywhere else, probably because of Gribblin and nBreaker getting a demo game. As Servitob also said we got a quick demo of the Mantic game Dreadball, seemed quite good however we picked up the rules faster than the Mantic guy demoing it could explain it and he was getting a couple of things wrong from his own explanations which was kind of off-putting.

I think that the main thing that I took from the show (other than the couple of things that I bought) was a reinvigorated feeling towards my gaming after what has been a very quite year for me. Real life definitely has been a curve ball but yesterday I got my DzC stuff out again and have set about actually painting some of it and working on getting the army finished and ready for the tabletop. Now we’ve got the proper scenery too I’m starting to feel really good about where we’re going now.

Watch this space to see just how that all pans out.