Bolt Action Tester

19-04-13 057Thursday night saw us playing our first game of Bolt Action.

Servitob, Carabus, Gribblin and our friend AJ all met up to throw some dice and learn some rules. All went smoothly with Gribblin as chief adjudicator and we all played in the spirit of noobness as Servitob’s US faced off against the menace of AJ’s Germans.

Personally, first impressions are pretty positive. The rules seem to flow nicely and don’t seem too complicated. A nice touch is the random activation of units, rather than the classic You-go-I-go which requires you to think. Going first to get the first shot in, or waiting and reacting to your opponent’s mistakes actions. The game seems to take pinning and suppression pretty seriously which I suppose is a good thing in a game about infantry tactics. Suppressed troops are ineffective and rallying them takes time, allowing your opponent to take advantage.

The game is pretty simplistic with stats, leading to cries of derision as the grognards get on their soapboxes about the minutiae of how the game treats all rifles as the same even though they weren’t and how dare you lump all medium tanks into the same armour classes because they weren’t etc. Game v simulation balance is a compromise that all gamers encounter at some point. Well stuff that. I think it’s a good thing as it helps with getting on and playing a fun game which is the ultimate aim.

With any luck Bolt Action will become a firm favourite at the Floating Citadel. For me it fills a desire to play a 28mm game after Tournamenthammer 40k 6th Edition killed my grim-dark enthusiasm faster than a bunch of Eldar Guardians going down to a stiff breeze. Also these miniatures are factual and therefore somehow macho; playing with toy soldiers is bad enough but playing with prancing elves and gay-ass spacemen is not going to help my non-existent streetcred!

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  1. Yeah, what is it about “historical hierarchy” in gaming? I can’t explain it any better, but there is a perception difference (at least internally…narcissistic tendency…misplaced hubris) when throwing dice over toy versions of dog-faced dough boys & tommies than Gobbstompas and Chapter Librarians…. It’s at least easier to explain to co-workers a desire to recreate the Battle of the Bulge over the Battle of MacCragge.

    At least, for me, I agree. And I wholeheartedly agree on Bolt Action – it is a lot of fun to play and the immediate appeal of all those awesome 28mm figs and models….

    Our group actually decided we’d play straight up WWII in 15mm (already got the FoW stuff and the table will play “bigger” in the slightly smaller scale, which will, for the same dollars, triple or quadruple the tank count)…but Weird World War in 28mm 🙂

    Great post, as usual.

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