Warlord Games Bolt Action US Infantry

15-01-13 002I recently got hold of a US Army Box from Warlord Games for their 28mm miniatures game, Bolt Action.

I think the figures are great! In true middle aged man fashion the first thing I did was discard the instructions and get on with painting and assembly only to find that nothing fit properly. One digging of the instructions out of the bin later and things went much more smoothly. In true Warlord fashion the sprues come with kitchen sink-esque assembly options; bazookas, tommy guns, grease guns, Springfields, sniper rifles, pistols, BARs, Garands, in fact pretty much everything any self respecting Europe liberating GI would need.

Paintwork is in my regular speedy style, although this time quite leisurely just doing half an hour per day or so. It soon adds up! Not wanting to spend ages researching to find just the right shade of olive paint I simply bought the Flames of War US paint set by Vallejo and went with that.

Here’s how I did it:

1) Spray sprues with Halford’s Matt Black Primer (a really good spray, comes in really big cans).

2) Paint base colours with models still on the sprues. I find this works really well for me as I have full easy access to every part of the model.

3) Assemble miniatures, adding more basecolour to bits where the sprues attached as required.

4) Paint base with some of GWs brown textured paint – a really good idea from the sheriff, does take some practice.

5) Wash with brown ink, in this case the vallejo stuff.

6) Drybrush with Tamiya Weathering Master Light Sand – this stuff is amazing!

7) Spray with Army Painter Anti-Gloss Matt Varnish.

8) Stick static grass to base with PVA glue.

When doing this kind of thing though I always do a couple of test models, as there is nothing worse than finding out that you don’t really like the finished result but you’ve spent all afternoon painting an entire platoon. There is more stuff in the box to do besides infantry, there’s an M3 Halftrack, some infantry support weapon teams and a venerable Sherman. I’ll try to keep you googlespiders up to date!