Warhammer Terrain – part 1

I have gamed for many years and although I have more painted miniatures than some here at 6 Inch, one thing that I have neglected over the years is my terrain.  Most of it I have had for some time and yet all it has been is boring, grey plastic.  I have decided that this cannot be so any longer and as a sort of new years’ resolution I aim to have at least one painted example of every terrain in the random terrain generator of the Warhammer Fantasy rulebook.  Most of this can also be used other games of a fantasy genre and some things (like hills & trees) are obviously universal.  So here are some pictures of what I have managed to paint in the past week; a house/chapel, watchtower and Sinister Statue.  Enjoy.




2 thoughts on “Warhammer Terrain – part 1”

  1. As I said when you sent me the MMS for these things it’s all looking good. I’ve got a couple of Ogres undercoated now ready to try a test scheme on them with a mind to getting my army to a standard where I don’t feel like a git for playing against someone with fully painted armies that has also done all the terrain. I chose Ogres because you don’t need many of them to make an army so there’s less to paint. Time I actually did so eh?

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