What Happened to 6 Inch Move?

Work, that dreaded spectre that rears its hydra-like visage and then lays waste to people’s free time in an apocalyptic wave of annoyance, that’s what has happened.

Things are a little busy in the Zombiepirate wing of the floating citadel, that has had the side effect of leaving me very little time to dedicate to the blog. We did manage to get some games in on the weekend though, playing through the first 3 missions of Dark Vengeance (very good I have to say) and then my sleep-deprived brain came up with a gimmicky Ogre list that got trounced by Gribblin’s Wood Elves. I also wanted to do a review of the new Chaos Marines Codex as I’ve returned to that long-term on again, off again, relationship I have with the traitor legions.

Everything should hopefully quieten down in a few weeks, so, as no-doubt our devout readership is on tenterhooks as it is waiting for new content, I’ll ask you to hold on just a little longer until we can resume normal service. Unless someone wants to pay me a six figure salary to work on the blog every day. I think I could do that.