Blog Posts Now With 96.5% More Wub Wub!

Borderlands 2, of course.

Finally, it’s out in less than a week. Pre-orders are a go-go. The spawn of every FPS and adult cartoon ever makes it’s second outing. If that wasn’t enough the fact that it shamelessly rips off it’s loot system from the likes of Diablo 2 and World of Warcraft should keep players playing for weeks.

Here’s a fun 16 bit promo to keep you going until it releases:

4 thoughts on “Blog Posts Now With 96.5% More Wub Wub!”

  1. Yeah been following the game for a while now, looks awesome! get 9/10 at IGN and 98% of a few other sites. Got my pre-order in, it comes with the 5th character the Mechromancer, got it for £30 🙂

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