Today’s post title is a blatant rip-off from one of my favourite blogs Fighting Fantasist; it made me laugh so I thought I’d steal it for my own nefarious purposes. Coop’s blog is great and I hope he doesn’t mind! It is of course a tangential reference to the The Other Nottingham Gaming Company’s upcoming release of Dreadball.

I’ve done some looking about and it seems like it could be quite a bit of fun. Obviously my first port of call was coop’s post mentioned above. Secondly I found some interesting tidbits over at Quirkworthy. I presume that this blogger has something to do with Mantic by the content of posts. From there you can link to some other decent sites at Boardgamegeek and then you can go pre-order it at Kickstarter.

So what’s my ever so non-influential opinion on these wispy morsels of facts and opinions expressed as facts? I think they could be on to something good here. The obvious comparisons with BloodBowl will abound but heck the big BB is one of the Sheriff’s best games full stop. More of the same without the need to buy hundreds of models and then the need to paint hundreds of models is no bad thing. In addition, a game like this is easy to transport and set up. The real selling point for me of games like this such as BloodBowl and Space Hulk and Formula D and the like is that they are played on grids so there’s no abiguity over measuring and distances. The whole experience is so much more precise; and I like that!

2 thoughts on “EYES-CREAM! EYES-CREAM!”

  1. I have to admit I was excited when Mantic first appeared on the scene, however with the more products they bring out and game they release, I see them more and more copying GW, when I think a new race will come out for Warpath it turns out to be Skaven… Now this game is just a Bloodbowl type of game, granted it will play different and different rules and is set in the future but it’s nothing really new and has the same human v Orks v Skaven v dwarves… You can see where I am going with this. If you do decide to go with this, I hope it a good game and not just a Bloodbowl clone.

    I look forward to some game reviews, when will it come out? A years time?

  2. Got to agree with Carabus here. The more stuff that Mantic come up with the more disappointed I get. Their Twilight Kin are just metal bits on the original Elves which are their worst miniatures. Kings of War seems like a really nice game but they do need to expand the armies a bit as their stuff is like marmite, you either love it or hate it and there’s more that I dislike than stuff that I do like.

    While I’ll agree that BB is and was awesome I’m hesitant about this game.

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