Dropzone Commander – Painting the PHR Athena WiP

So following on from ZombiePirate’s post, I thought I would add some images of a work in progress on my version of the Athena. I got this miniature off Dave when we went down to playtest the game and is not from my Mega Premimum I brought.

So my thought has always been to do a Digital cammo style for the PHR I thought it would suit them, especially as they are cybernetic. So I was torn on colour choice, desert style like the original’s painted by Dave, greens and browns for a more woodland style table. I decided to go with a desert sandy colour.

So here is my first test version:

I liked some of the colour choices, I didn’t like how I ended up with a ridge because I had put down to thick a layer of paint, it’s also hard to get all the lines to well line up together. So overall while i liked it I didn’t love it. So my next plan was to strip it down, which I did in a Dettol bath (it strip fine, no problems BTW) and re-primed for my next attempt. Before doing so I considered dropping one of the colours, also making the pattern of colours a little larger or more blocky (my word for it) but how to do this.

I started looking around on the web, as you do looking for inspiration and got a test game in with ZombiePirate and realized that most game are on city terrain types. So desert would not be the most effective cammo, urban would! So I looked around at urban style cammo on Google, found some I liked.

To make sure I paint with the right colours I have a painting book, a little book with which I write any recipes of colours used and paint in little swatches so I can see what the colours look like before painting. I did the same for the urban style I was looking at, it’s on the same page as the desert colours I used if you are interested from the Model Air range.

So with colours picked, I broke out the airbrush to give the cammo another try, this time urban. Here are the results:

I have to say I was really pleased with the colour choices, they seemed to work very well, even better in person. I was also pleased with the more “Blocky” style this seemed to work a lot better.

What do you think?


10 thoughts on “Dropzone Commander – Painting the PHR Athena WiP”

  1. I can’t say it enough: Effenahsumalgonquin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love that. Wish I had the skills and patience for that. Absolutely brilliant work!

  2. I knew I’d seen something like that before; check out the Wikipedia entry for the MiG 29. About half way down the article is a picture of a MiG 29 in the Slovakian Air Force with a colour scheme almost identical to the grey digital you’ve been painting. Might give you some more ideas.

  3. Wow! Thanks for all the support guy’s 🙂 Glad you all liked it, makes all the effort worth it. Gribblin, it was based on the MiG29 picture, the cammo was designed by Hyperstealth a company from Canada, that helped with the original CadPat and then ultimately with the USMC MarPat.

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