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Well I could make this an unboxing but I don’t have the time, so I will share with you all the latest from Dave over at Hawk Wargames.

Hawk Wargames

Newsletter #2, 24/07/2012

Just a few points missing from the previous Newsletter:

1) Working with Resin guide now available

Our Working with Resin guide is now available to download from the downloads section of our website. In general terms, Hawk Wargames resin follows most of the usual ‘rules’ for working with resin, and experienced modellers will find much of this article familiar. However, it may be slightly different to resins you may have worked with before (there are so many after all!), so I’d advise having a quick read before starting on your models.

Working with resin
Working with resin

2) Where’s the Hobby Section?

When producing the rulebook, we made the difficult but necessary decision to omit the Hobby Section (although the colour schemes sections are still in place). This was done for the following reasons:

1) Space: As you’ll see, the book is crammed full! We were always working with a 152 page format, and had to prioritise rules and background over hobby tips and weren’t prepared to use a tiny font size or to cut back on imagery.

2) Dropzone Commander specific content took priority: There are a lot of hobby guides already out there, and we thought it wrong to sacrifice content that people had never seen before in favour of articles which may have existed in similar forms elsewhere – you’ve probably already paid for a hobby guide at some point!

3) We wouldn’t have been able to do it justice in the space we may have had: To fully cover all the aspects that I wanted to cover, it would have taken half the book!

However, we will be getting all the painting and hobby information to you! We promised to shed light on how our models are painted and we will not disappoint!

I’ll be writing and publishing a whole series of hobby articles for free on the website, which will be able to go into a lot more detail than would have been possible in the book. These will take you step-by-step through the process of painting the ‘standard’ schemes for each army, creating overgrown buildings as well as detailing specific tips which work well for different paint scheme styles.
While we can’t promise exact dates for these, we’ll be aiming to publish one every week, starting next week. In the meantime, feel free to ask me hobby questions through email or Facebook and I’ll be more than happy to answer them as soon as I can. The Live Chat that I’ll be hosting on Facebook next week will also be an excellent place to get your hobby questions answered (Thursday, August 2nd, 9am-9pm GMT).

David J Lewis,
Hawk wargames

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