Dropzone Commander – Today is the day!

That’s right! After what seems like an eternity since we first clapped eyes on the stunning models that were on display at Salute we’ve finally arrived at the day when everything pre-order starts shipping to their destinations. I don’t know about you but I’m as giddy as a school girl..er….. I mean, displaying manly stoicism, almost ambivalent towards the fact that at some time today my rather weighty gift package could be on its way home.

I know of at least two Mega Premiums on their way to the floating citadel (we have special flying unicorns that deliver our mail) and I’m hoping that both of us who’ve purchased them can display some restraint so that we can do an unboxing post for you all to show just what we’ve got.

We know that Dave has been beavering away diligently since we dropped in on him to make sure that everything was ready for today and the news we’ve received is that it is! So, congratulations to Dave and all his team over at Hawk. We look forward to pouring over the web in the coming weeks to see all the painted models and various battle reports that come out of the general public finally getting their hands on the goodies.