Dropzone Commander – The Countdown Starts Here!

Yesterday was the last day for pre-orders to guarantee shipping on July 23rd! That means that we are now less than two weeks away from seeing possibly the most talked about tabletop game in the world right now actually hitting store shelves and spreading across gaming tables everywhere.

As for what I myself have done, there was some last-minute panic with some unexpected potential expenditures that have cleared up and left me actually in the right spot to place my own order. I only got to do it last night (and therefore hopefully snag my goodies day one) but I did manage to order the UCM Premium Mega Army and a couple of rule books. Why more than one book you ask? Because a certain someone *cough*Carabus*cough* was so excited about buying their models they forgot they needed the rules to go with them!

It’ll be interesting to see if we get any new titbits of information as the game gets closer and closer to the release date. It’s really nice to be so close now after all the months of waiting.

2 thoughts on “Dropzone Commander – The Countdown Starts Here!”

  1. Yeah ok I forget to order the rules, made no sense to order them seperate and pay P&P, thanks for doing that BTW.

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