40k has landed – part 2

Well I said there was going to be a second part to this.  Despite having to work (I do need some way to fund my gaming addiction) I have managed to read most of the 6th edition rule book.  So where was I . . .

I don’t want to go into too much detail about the Special Rules Chapter as it is quite comprehensive and will probably bore people, but I thought I’d drop in a few ‘teezers’.  For example; Feel No Pain is now on a 5+ rather than a 4+, Fleet now means you can re-roll your Run/Charge dice – you can no longer run and charge into assault in the same turn.  Furious Charge no longer gives you +1 to Initiative, only +1 Strength.  Deep Striking Mishaps are less lethal, though you can still die if you roll a 1. Preferred Enemy means you get to re-roll all 1s to both hit & wound against your preferred enemy.  And for a final taster; Smash – all of your close combat attacks are AP2, you can choose to half your attacks to double your strength and you get to re-roll your armour penetration rolls.  Like I said in the last post there are 12 pages of special rules, so the ones I’ve mentioned barely scratch the surface.

For weapons there are many more examples given in the rule book, and for close combat weapons they’ve brought back a few long lost goodies such as the power axe and power maul and power sword which are all slightly different.

Characters have been given greater significance.  Not only can they make challenges and add their leadership to the units, but they also get a rule called precision shot/strike.  If any of the character’s shots/close combat attacks rolls a 6 to hit then you can choose which model in the target unit gets hit by these shots/attacks rather than having your enemy allocate wounds to the unit in the normal way.  The other nice new addition for characters is The Warlord.  You pick one of your HQ characters with the highest leadership to be the Warlord and he gets a warlord trait.  To do this you choose you trait table and roll a D6 for your trait.   You have the choice of Command (which tends to boosts all nearby friendly units), Personal (which boost your character and his unit) or Strategic (which helps your army as a whole).

Terrain has had a number of major changes.  There is still your class open, difficult, dangerous, area and impassable terrain, but to that they’ve added lethal (which kills your model out right if they end their move in it) and the option of mysterious terrain.  Yes by Mysterious Terrain I’m talking about the same thing as Fantasy for forests and rivers/lakes.  It should be noted that the Mysterious Terrain rule is optional and you can just keep it as regular terrain if you wish.  There has also been some extensive rules for other terrain features such as tank traps, razor wire, craters and many more.  There have also been rules added for buildings (they’re basically treated like immobile vehicles with armour values and a transport capacity dependent upon the size of the building) and ruins (which are treated differently to buildings).

Finally I’d like to mention force charts and battles.  The force chart is the same as before, with the additional choices of a Fortification and an Allied Detachment.  An allied detachment comes from another army book (not the army you’re using for your main force), must include a HQ and 1 Troop choice, and can contain an additional Troops as well as 1 each of Elite, Fast Attack & Heavy Support.  There is a table showing which armies can ally with whom and whether they’re Battle Brothers, Allies of Convenience, Desperate Allies or “Come the Apocalypse” (i.e. no way in hell would the two armies ever join forces under ANY circumstances).  To be honest I’m not sure how I feel about this idea.  I get what they’re trying to achieve; the image of an Imperial Guard army supported by a  unit of Marines or Grey Knights is quite evocative and in character, but at the same time I can see armies that have Marneus Calgar leading units of Death Company which at some level doesn’t seem right.

As for battles there are 6 basic scenarios to choose from, each with primary and secondary objectives and three deployment zone options (essentially length ways, width ways or diagonal).  I think that’s about it for a brief synopsis of the new 40k, oh the book has a comprehensive reference section including the 5 main psychic disciplines that your psychic powers are chosen from, unit stats and the stats for literally every weapon in the game.  Well I hope you’ve enjoyed my brief run down of the new 40k and that it has answered  a few questions you may have had.

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  1. Ugh, again. Now it’s even harder to resist. I stopped playing at 3rd Edition….but I think I’m going to return. And it may be your fault:0

    1. Like I said in the post, I think that using the new ally system for things like that is a great idea. Deamons can be used with Chaos Marines, Imperial Guard can take a unit of Marines or Grey Knights etc. I think that it does fit into the character of the 40K galaxy. My only reservation is that I can see certain individuals abusing it.

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