eBay and Retards

I know I’ve spoken of the big time fails that happen on eBay, that people are willing to pay the same price as something off the shelf for second hand goods. So, take a look at what I saw over the weekend, one Games Workshop model on eBay versus the store bought version…

So there we have a model on eBay of a GW Greater Daemon going for £36 all told… how much is it to get from an actual GW store?

Looks like someone got a bargain there……. /sarcasm

I don’t get why people do this. OK, we have the slight possibility that the lucky winner wanted metal rather than Finecast I’ll concede to that, however, I still wouldn’t say you’d be up for paying RRP on that, not when there are stores out there where you can get 20% off the RRP for brand new stuff either….

The mind boggles!


2 thoughts on “eBay and Retards”

  1. People like to win and will try anything to do so. That and snipers escalate prices by how they work.

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