DropZone Commander Goes Live!

First off, thanks to carabus and ZombiePirate for their continued coverage of the much awaited DropZone Commander. I have been following progress in a passive osmotic fashion since first seeing the amazing miniatures at Salute 2012.

This morning I happily logged onto Hawk Wargames now live website to go check it out for myself. I toured the site for the best part of an hour and was pretty impressed by what I saw. I was especially enthralled by the background descriptions for the races – they seemed diverse enough to create an enjoyable backstory and universe. I do wonder whether the PHR faction with their Kerensky/Star League-esque origins and clan battlemech-like walkers was a coincidence or not; but hey if you are going to tip your hat you may as well do it to the big boys!

Rules-wise I got the notion that this game is going to about rapid movement and deployment. This could be a good thing and a decent change from the all too common ‘line-em up and have a big melee in the middle’ approach of most wargames.

From a pre-order price perspective things don’t seem too bad either, yes I accept that the models are not cheap but they are very easy on the eye! With the year on year price rises from the sheriff any wargame that comes in at the sub-mortgage range nowadays is seen as a bargain anyway.

Finally, the all important question – Will I take the plunge with this system? I think it all comes down to rules and playability. If the rules are good and the game is fun, then it’s a no-brainer. I think that is critical. As gamers we all have lots of nice models filling shelves and drawers; its a case of getting a fun enough system to get those models out of the drawers regularily that is important.

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