Just a Single Day Left! – We Hope….

After anticipation built to a fever pitch then slowly died when we started to realise just how far away June was from April we are but a single day away from finding out some actual information regarding the long-awaited and much hyped 10mm Sci-fi offering that is Drop Zone Commander.

While we’ve been treated to nothing other than some nice pictures of the models (for good or ill I’ll leave to you all) tomorrow will see us find out what the price point is going to be and perhaps even a glimpse into the rules once the website launches. I’ll be hitting it up as soon as I can to dig up information for posting here  as well as providing our own commentary on things as we see them.

I still have my options open as to which faction I’ll be selecting if I do choose to jump aboard. While the Avatar-esque UCM have been a  staunch favourite of mine since I saw them at Salute the gorgeousness of the Shaltari walkers and their “Gate-ships” rather than dropships has me intrigued to the point of having them firmly on my radar.

My only worries are that the rules suck, the system is too expensive or even worse, we get an 11th hour delay which would really kill off a lot of the enthusiasm that has been generated and tried to be maintained over a rather long period. Carabus and I have had many a discussion about this so it’ll be interesting to see what happens once we get the real information out into the public domain.

So dear readers, have you picked a faction yet? What are you most excited about seeing?

2 thoughts on “Just a Single Day Left! – We Hope….”

  1. I love the UCM and the PHR, and cannot wait to get my friends into it so I have an oponant
    I am desperately hoping for a 2 player battle set a la 40K/warmahordes!

  2. It’s always been about the PHR for me, sine the begining many years wait that’s not right? Months ago. That’s better. 🙂

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