DropZone Commander – PHR Janus Scout Walker

Well this evening we have more from the Post-Human Republic in the form of the Janus Scout Walker, well these sure are nifty little scouts. I look forward to seeing them in flesh so to speak.

PHR Janus Scout Walker
PHR Janus Scout Walker



4 thoughts on “DropZone Commander – PHR Janus Scout Walker”

      1. Personally I think it unlikely. Flamers are used for clearing areas of either vegetation or infantry. Considering what is going on in DzC I think it likely that they’d run a more conventional ballistic weapon so that they could deal with any light armour they might come across which a flamer would be next to useless against. Just my opinion though and I could be proved wrong.

  1. I don’t know. This is a game based on infantry holding buildings or locations, nothing helps a scout clear out infantry more than a flamer!

    However looking at the end of the barrels they seem to have more of a mini-gun look to them, an assualt cannon of some sort? Good against other scouts with AP ammo and great against infantry units.

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