DropZone Commander – UCM Wolverine Scout Buggies

Today we have the UCM Wolverine scout buggies, I am sure I have seen them with a mixed bunch of weapon types, will be interesting to see what they come suppied with? One option or many?

UCM Wolverine scout buggies
UCM Wolverine scout buggies



2 thoughts on “DropZone Commander – UCM Wolverine Scout Buggies”

  1. The worst part about this game and its miniatures….its too hard which army to collect!!!
    I LOVE these guys, but I’m still sold on the PHR. Can’t wait until the website goes live…thanks for the coverage thus far!

    1. I know what you mean buddy! I think it’s PHR all the way for me. Zombiepirtate is having a change of heart on army choice, but I will leave that to him. LOL.

      They are just too nice. Not toolong to wait now.

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