DropZone Commander – PHR Juno A1 IFV

Today we have a picture from my beloved Post Human Republic, this time some armour in the form of the PHR Juno A1 variant IFV. Dave informs us that there is also a A2 variant which has a pair of miniguns. Sweet!

I believe that the silver socket on the turret is the connector to attach the Juno IFV to a carrier, this socket is seen on most of the miniature from the PHR faction, again nice attention to detail and consistency. I am not sure if this IFV is a front or rear engine, looks most likely to to be rear, but they maybe space for some infantry carrying ability? We will have to wait and see 🙂




7 thoughts on “DropZone Commander – PHR Juno A1 IFV”

    1. Indeed! This has been a breath of fresh air for us in terms of the hobby. A lot of people are doing reasonable ship games, very few of them are doing so with the level of detail that these models have. Obviously the rules and price point is going to be the make-or-break for it so we’ll see how things go as we get more information nearer to the pre-order date at the start of June.

    2. Hell Yeah! I have to say I have not been so bowled over by a miniature line like this since I started wargaming many years ago, they are like a breath of fresh air and tick all the boxes so far!

      I just wait for prices and rules as said by ZombiePirate, so far looking dam good!

  1. Carabus, after having worked for a company that made IFVs I’d expect the engine to be in the front. All the IFVs I’ve ever seen had a troop capacity and therefore an exit at the back. IFVs are close support for their infantry and having them exit the front (Terminator/Land Raider style) may look cool but it also exposes your troops directly to the line of fire from our enemy.

    Who’s to say that these are even powered in the conventional sense that we understand today though?

    1. Yes I agree, it was more of a “did Dave add a scifi twist?” but you can clearly see no access on the front, so it would make sense.

      It reminds me of the Merkava which is a great MBT from the IDF


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