Salute 2012

This weekend sees the return of annual gaming crucible of nerd-o-rama Salute at the eXcel centre located on the banks of the river Thames in the heart of our capital. I’ve been to the show a few times and it’s always nice to see what’s laid out. It gives you a much greater appreciation for how large our hobby is rather than only seeing GW stores on the high street. I like perusing all the miniatures (I’m a sucker for a decent sculpt) and seeing what other companies are offering.

The 6 Inch Move crew will be in attendance this year (I’m sorry, we don’t have a stand or anything) and will be checking out all that is new in gaming this Saturday. This will involve the usual pre-road trip McDonalds breakfast (the only meal I’ll normally choose to eat there) before we hit up the 3 hour drive south.

I’m not really looking to purchase anything right now (I know, we’ll see how long that lasts) but if you read the blog and are attending, if you see a 6′ 2″ pasty skinned chap that looks like he needs a haircut, you might find yours truly or at least introduce yourself to someone you probably aren’t ever going to meet again! Just watch out for the neck-beards!