I’m Still Here!

It seems like a really long time since I posted here on this venerable blog. Thanks to ZombiePirate for keeping us all entertained these cold winter months!

Gaming has been a strictly rationed affair since the arrival of miniservitob second edition; and as a public service I’d like to remind potential gamer parents that yes kids are ace but be aware that your painting/gaming/trolling time may be curtailed.

Recently Carabus and I visited a local gaming show, to see the sights, meet the people, play the games and sniff the BO. Whenever I go to a show I always make a point of speaking to developers and playing as many demo games as I can. It seems that most people do not adopt my approach and instead treat the day like a shopping trip. Back in days of old this was a perfectly valid thing to do, as your local hobby shop might not stock everything you could possibly want to buy or see. Nowadays with internet discounters and the general online wealth of facts and opinions and opinions stated as facts shopping at shows seems like a waste of a day.

Over the years I must have played loads of demo games at shows, some good, some bad, some unbelievable. A particularily memorable one was when Warmachine first came on the scene. Everybody was dutifully going about their shopping as usual and ignoring a chap stood by a table with a handful of steam powered robots. We got chatting and myself and a friend thought we’d give it a go. Robots are cool, steam is hot so what could go wrong? We were amazed at the freshness of that game, and how it seemed so different from everything else we had ever seen. We left that show positively enthused and each clutching a starter box set.

The recent show was no different. I was looking for something new to try and Carabus agreed to join me in my demo game habit. We played Critical Mass, a 15mm sci-fi game. Our rules master was the inventor of the game so we chatted about where the game came from and how it came about. The game itself was pretty good fun and the miniatures were really nice, obviously the whole concept had been well thought through and play tested. However, I’m just not in the mood for a new sci-fi game at the moment. One thing the creator did talk about a lot though was how a lot of the game was inspired by Flames of War. I know that FoW is a very popular game and based upon the second world war, which got me thinking – if this decent game about space lizards is based on a ruleset about real life events then let’s bypass all the made up stuff about flying tanks and get back in the real world.

FoW 3rd edition was recently released to coincide with all these coincidences so I got myself a big rulebook bundle. I also got myself a decent starter force. However, I know of no one who plays the game. Maybe that doesn’t make sense. For me however I’m taking small steps into the modelling and painting side of the hobby. What’s really good for me is that for the first time in ages I am constructing an army that isn’t made up and the ability to research and investigate history has resparked a fun side of gaming that I had almost forgotten about.