Sherriff Appears on Beeb Radar

That’s right folks, erstwhile journalistic outfit the BBC has a report on the 40k side of the hobby on their website.   Check it out! My favourite part is when the part on price comes up and we get the following;

Games Workshop’s executives say they don’t do media interviews, preferring to focus on their hobbyists. But chief executive officer Mark Wells emails me about the claim of price exploitation. “That would go against everything we stand for. It’s just not in our nature,” he writes.

I call shenanigans!


4 thoughts on “Sherriff Appears on Beeb Radar”

  1. An interesting article with some interesting comments. Does anyone else now feeling like their a member of a strange religious cult after reading that?

  2. This is why I love the quote “you don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing.”

    I’m also much happier getting together with my closest friends and engaging my grey matter than going down the pub and wasting all my money killing that same grey matter.

  3. Why is it that all you do now is rag on GW? Everytime I read one of your new posts it seems like ranting. If you hate GW so much, stop talking about them. Talk more about other companies (Privateer Press) and other games. Take note of how your constant bitching gets so few comments

    1. Actually, I don’t think this post qualifies as a rant as it just points to a GW article written by the BBC. You’ll also find the post previous to this one specifically addresses your concerns and is me giving props to GW for the things they are doing in certain areas.

      The reason we don’t write about other companies is because we’re not really playing other companies games. Although currently Infinity is getting some playing time and therefore we probably need to do more coverage of it.

      As for people not leaving comments this blog has never really had a huge number of commenters. Yes it’s nice to get feedback and I certainly appreciate you leaving yours, it lets us know that someone is actually reading what we write. Conversely this blog is going to offer our opinions on things. Am I disgruntled after 20 years of loyalty to GW and feel like I’m being taken advantage of, sure I am! The only way to try and make changes to a company is to voice your concerns.

      Finally, if you really think we hate GW stay tuned as something will be kicking off pretty soon which should hopefully dispel that perception!

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