Dreadfleet – Like Selling Snow to an Eskimo

While you could never really describe the 6 Inch Move of being fanbois for the Sherriff and his gold-digging business model, I am hoping that you, dear readership, understand that we certainly enjoy the games that the company purveys. Not so much the ass-pounding they feel your wallet needs to take on the majority of their product line.

Therefore it is with great mirth that I reviewed their latest email message. Once again this year you are cordially invited to go and fill in the wish list feature from the official website. Should you then annoy/motivate others to purchase gifts you can email your wishlist to your friends and loved ones, if you include Santa@games workshop on that list then you get entered to win a bag of goodies.

Surely a competition to win free loot isn’t cause for jeering and laughing and the pointing of derogatory fingers and I would agree it isn’t. What made me chuckle was the first item it suggested that eager punters might like to buy…. that’s right folks Dreadfleet!

Games Workshop’s latest “Limited Edition” offering seems to be generating sales along the lines of the financial outlook for the Eurozone. I know that some people love it, and good for them, there are as many detractors as there are fans and I think the fact that GW still seems to have quite the number of lots to shift as evidence that they have perhaps misjudged this one.

I’d hazard a guess if you were not willing to part with £70 of your own cash for a set in stone game of buccaneering you might also feel a tad hesitant about asking someone else to part with such a significant sum to furnish that collection of boardgames that sits in your closet and gets aired out once a year.

To me this really rounds out a pretty appalling 12 months for GW. We have the Failcast disaster, the Grey Knights Wardex +9000 and capping it all off is a game that no-one really wanted and no-one really seems to be buying either. I just hope that rather than a knee-jerk reaction which ends up screwing the fan base even further the minions of King John actually sit down and think about what they are doing. With so many other companies out there and increasing pressure on GW to maintain their dominance, I hope they don’t screw the proverbial pooch on this one.

I’ll put money on the table now to say that next year’s rumoured 6th Edition 40k rulebook costs more than the second edition boxed set did when it first hit the shelves. I’m expecting another £45 immoveable object….

3 thoughts on “Dreadfleet – Like Selling Snow to an Eskimo”

  1. Though I am not one to bash any specific company or system in gaming. I will say that I did lose interest in 40k in the first quarter of 2011 and from all of the news and articles I have seen posted this year including several of the topics you touched on in this post alone, I am glad I missed out on most of it. LOL

    Don’t get me wrong I still have my two 40k armies and I am sure I will dust them off again before too long. But at this time I doubt I spend much more money on it and for me competitive play in 40k is all but washed up for me. I hope something in 2012 sparks my interest again though. One can always hope and dream.

  2. Ok, Ok get you points about GW and some of the ‘Dread-full’ things they have done this year.

    But leave my poor Grey Knights alone will you. They are supposed to be the ‘best of the best’ and I still think you can beat them.

    Oh and don’t send me your GW gift list, cus I am not reading any emails from you after your GK comments 😛

    Building my FailCast Necrons now. Where did I put my liquid green stuff and industrial filler?

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