The Grammar Nazi Cometh

Despite the typos that creep past the spellchecker I’d like to think my grasp of the English language is sufficient to make myself understood and not sound like a complete buffoon.

I wish the same could be said for some of the Internet! Today I wish to address a pet peeve of mine. If you are guilty of this please take note, meteors will fall from the sky, obliterating you from history if you do not comply!

The sentence is “I could HAVE done it” Could may also be any of the should, would, variety as well. There is no wiggle room. The correct sentence is not “I could of done it” ……

You have been warned, my Grammar Panzer is fueled and ready to blitzkrieg anyone using this abhorrent form of English!

4 thoughts on “The Grammar Nazi Cometh”

  1. It’s the singular/plural problem that’s irritating me today. “There’s lots of books on that table.” I hear it all the time (I work in a school).

  2. I do alright in the spelling department and usually using the proper word when there are many chances to fail. Unfortunately where I tend to fail is the use of proper grammar. I have been guilty of both the example used in the article as well as the one mandala56 used.

    I am humble enough to admit it though and try not to correct the work of others on the web. If both the spelling and grammar are close enough for me to understand the sentence or article I have no complaints. Unless is something that is produced professionally. That may be a different story.

  3. It’s a pet peeve, although I might follow Tesh’s link and just start thinking of a horde of rampaging Alots stampeding the offenders. Or take a big glass of “chill the hell out.”

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