6 Inch Move Celebrates – 2nd Birthday

August is drawing to a close and that means something to those of us in the floating citadel!

It is now just over two years ago that our humble corner of the Internet unveiled itself. I’d like to say we are a light among the cesspit of the Internet but let’s be honest, most of the visitors here are probably stumbling across us looking for pictures of naked sisters of battle!

Personally I am very happy with where 6 Inch Move has gone so far. We now have well over 110,000 views, something that still excites me in such a short space of time. We even have people who subscribe to what we write…

Really all I can do is to thank those people who stop by and give us their time, your patronage is humbling and drives us to keep writing stuff that we hope you want to read (no, we can’t do naked sisters of battle!).

I’d also like to thank all the others who pen articles for this blog, your views and opinions make this site the place that gets those views, so thank you to everyone involved with what we do.