Exit Planet Dust

You know, we here at 6 Inch Move don’t just play 40k. Honest. And as if to disprove spurious allegations ZombiePirate attended our last gaming session clutching a brand new box of Dust. Not of the fairy type, but the Fantasy Flight board game type.

Soon enough we had opened the box, perused the instructions then ZombiePirate, nBreaker and servitob got down to some serious cake eating, as is becoming the norm now at all gaming sessions. Wiping away crumbs and chocolate we set up our inaugral game.

Dust is essentially a sci-fi world wide strategy game set around the time of the second world war. You build units and conquer the globe, capturing the all important alien power reserves on the way. For those of you who have played the much venerated Axis & Allies board game this will be familiar territory (except the alien bits), it’s essentially Axis & Allies in an alternate dimension.

Unlike the great Axis & Allies however, Dust does not require that five people sit around a table for two weeks to reach a conclusion. Every game’s startup is different, and points are scored for territory, cities and power sources in your possesion. Score enough points and you win the game. It’s pedal to the metal strategy combat stuff, sitting on your empire’s resources for any length of time is a sure way to invite defeat. Turns are brisk, with cards deciding how many actions you can perform in your turn. You’ve got to build, move and fight fast with vast armies to conquer the resources, or at least knock your opponents into submission to lower their score.

Overall, Dust is a good game. Risk for speed freaks. Axis & Allies for people with short attention spans.