Why Gaming?

Something of a whimsical thought is the inspiration for today’s blog post. My apologies for not spewing something forth any earlier, I had a week off from work last week and didn’t really spend a whole lot of it in front of the computer.

I’d like to explore with people why tabletop wargaming is their hobby of choice. Now, I know that many of us do not restrict ourselves to a single pastime, however, how did gaming make its mark upon your life and why are you still sticking with it years later.

For myself there is a WOW factor when dealing with models. To be honest this is probably the reason why I have so little painted. I look at the models and am blown away by some awesome sculpts and I just want to OWN that model. I remember my Dad taking me into the local Grift Workshop store and looking at all the models. Eventually I got my own first model and that was it, I was in and play with them to this day. It was an extension of playing Space Crusade with my family.

What I enjoy about it is the different armies, their strengths and weaknesses and putting together an army to play with. I love assembling the models and getting them onto the field of battle. At some point there is a danger I could end up with a painted army…. we’ll see if that happens. It’s the models that draw me in primarily and then, if there is a good rules system behind it, I am inclined to play that game. Having other people to play against isn’t always a priority as I am a sucker for nice models.

So then Internet, how did you get into it and why have you stuck with it?

2 thoughts on “Why Gaming?”

  1. It’s like fishing but without having to get wet, club carp over the head with a stick or sit in front of a lake all day.

    Nah, really I love the social aspect, a chance to hang out with other geeks. I’m also a fluff fan, but not a fluff obsessive (I’m cool with your Napoleonic infantry having the wrong hats), and I enjoy the physical look and feel of a game; you just don’t get that with computer games.

  2. I’m drawn to tabletop minis because of the game design and the tactile nature of the things. I like playing with real game pieces, even though I do love digital games, too. Great sculptures are a big draw, though they are also just as much of a prompt for me to do my own sculpting.

    …not actually owning any minis other than prepainted WoW minis, I’m not sure about the whole construction/painting bit. I’m pretty sure I’d like it, but for now, I’m just fascinated from a distance, reading the rulebooks and plotting my own game and minis.

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