The Dilemma!

In the world of gaming, the beardies really have it sorted. They own four million 6mm roman soldiers painted in 1926 with humbrol enamels and a painting roller and they play the same ruleset every week for four decades and they are happy. I know as much, because in the dim distant past I was a member of one of those cliques. I definitely didn’t have a beard though!

Every week we would meet up, get out the same thousand or so painted 15mm Napoleonic troops, set them up and play ‘In The Grand Manner’. Everyone took part, and on the whole it was a good experience. If at some point we got bored with the game, we would get a new set of rules, set up the same thousand miniatures and play the new ruleset.

What I am getting at is that these types of miniatures have infinite numbers of rulesets and variations with which to play them. You could take your army to pretty much any games club in the land and use them to play the local ruleset.

With more ‘modern’ game types, this is not possible. My fourteen buckets of painted space marines are only really useful for one ruleset: 40k. If I want to play Warpath, a similar game, I’d probably end up buying a whole new load of miniatures, and more frustratingly, have to paint the lot. If I were to get into Battletech, again, I’d have to get and paint another load of stuff.

My friend Phil certainly had it sorted. He owned and had painted a thousand miniatures, but he has gamed with them every single week since Wellington kicked Napoleon’s butt. Per game, that works out an awesome effort/cost/fun ratio.

So folks, with the potential upcoming crash and burn of 40k with failcast and 6th edition do I branch off and get some real man’s miniatures?

3 thoughts on “The Dilemma!”

  1. I’ve just been leaning to making my own miniatures, m’self. Now you’ve got me thinking that maybe making some generic models that can work in multiple rulesets, like a model version of D20 RPGs, might be a good idea.

    Y’see, I have a dream of making them available on Shapeways and selling them, both for use in other rulesets and also with my own ruleset…

    1. Aha! Well how about making generic models with different hats? You could then buy the generic model and choose the hat required to match the ruleset to be played!

      1. That’s a really good idea. Maybe not hats, exactly, but… yes, this has much potential. Thanks!

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