Warpath – First Thoughts

This week saw the beta release of Mantic’s latest game, Warpath. It’s essentially a squad based sci-fi dice roller with much in common with Warhammer 40,000.

My first impressions following a good scan of the rules are pretty positive, I think it has potential to be a very fun game. The big difference from other generic sci-fi squad based games is that as squads take damage they become more ineffective, rather than losing squad members. Calling squad heavy support weapons ‘BFGs’ is also a nice touch. More armies will give it a bit of variability, and if the model releases are up to regular Mantic standard then we should be in for a treat, both aesthetically and pocketwise. I just hope it achieves decent market penetration.

One problem I could level at the game right now is as follows. Warhammers are big heavy weapons used from ancient times for bludgeoning the poop out of things, and 40,000 is a damn big number, and big numbers are cool. Paths however are generally found in nice gardens and leafy wooded areas, and you wouldn’t be surprised if you found a cute pixie playing a magic flute at the side of one.

4 thoughts on “Warpath – First Thoughts”

  1. Hrm… some excellent “alternate history” fiction potential there.

    When I hear “warpath” I think of the Native Americans too, and warfare on the run, heavy on movement and aggression. Sounds good to me. 🙂

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