6 Inch Move – 100,000 Hits!

Last night the floating citadel received its 100,000th visitor! It’s not quite two years since the first version of this blog appeared on the Internet, trawling for table scraps to get a few visitors here and there. Now, just under 24 months later and we average around 300 hits a day!

Considering we started this to share our hobbies with no-one in particular it’s been interesting to see the blog grow and develop. We’ve welcomed on board some new authors over the time we’ve been going and I think we’re much better at doing things now than we were when we first crawled out of the primordial blogging ooze to share ourselves and our passions with all of you fine people that stop by.

I’m still amazed that we hit 100k hits so quick, either we’re pulling in people looking for other stuff by accident or people like what we do. I’d hope it’s the latter.

So, thank you Internet for making this place what it is and making it worthwhile to skive off work and make articles that literally a handful of people might want to read!