Games Workshop and 6th Edition 40k

Normally I don’t like just posting links to other sites rather than creating a proper article of my own, but Carabus sent something through that I wanted to share with you all.

More shenanigans from Gouge Workshop. I’m intrigued by 6th edition 40k and hopefully we won’t get a stupid rulebook the size of the Fantasy one. However, I’m really not a fan of GW’s direction, sure the stuff they make is not bad but with all the things they’ve been doing recently…

Luckily I’m a big enough boy to understand that I am not obliged to give GW my money, unfortunately a lot of their target demographic don’t seem to understand that idea.


One thought on “Games Workshop and 6th Edition 40k”

  1. I have nothing to add to the GW discussion as I agree with you… but that’s a great picture. Just had to say that.

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