Fail Workshop – The Beginning of the End for the Sheriff?

With a lot going on recently with the Sheriff and his band of robbing ******** (I bet they’re recruited from marketing!) It’s quite interesting to see announcements coming from other companies. Carabus recently reported on the Warpath coming from Mantic Games and today I’ve heard the news that Privateer Press is also entering the Sci-fi arena with their nuclear monikered Level 7, Take a look here for the lowdown on what we know so far.

What’s interesting to me is how much of this news has come out in quick succession. There is the rage of GWs price changes and the FailCast stuff, then 6th Ed 40k rumours sprout, then Mantic make an announcement and following that PP. It may be wishful thinking but perhaps the sharks are circling (in this case they probably have frickin’ laser beams attached). GW are not doing themselves any favours and with two companies who have decent reputations throwing their hats into the ring could this be a real turning point whereby the Sheriff’s oft derided self-destructive business strategy really starts to bite.

For gamers increased competition can only be a good thing and I look forward to seeing what the future has to hold.


One thought on “Fail Workshop – The Beginning of the End for the Sheriff?”

  1. Poop on a stick, this stuff is getting serious! PP are now rumbling into the 40k arena!

    TBH I like some of the innovations rumoured in 40k 6th edition. My intuition that is these changes will probably further unbalance what is already a fairly precarious set of codices. Add into that the fact that GW stuff is now ludicrously overpriced and that 5th ed is actually a pretty fun game makes me wonder whether people will follow the sheriff or go elsewhere for their sci-fi fix come the roll over to 6th ed.

    Personally, I am pretty stoked about Warpath. Problem is that these newcomers will have an hard time matching the GW 40k fluffpocalypse.

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