Army Building – Those Last Few Points

Good morning subscribers and other assorted Bots. Today I’d like to spend a short amount of time talking about the phenomena that I have observed over many years of writing army lists. If you’re anything like me then you’ve made lists for armies that you’ve never bought and have more lists than you could ever play for the ones you do actually own as well. There is something quite therapeutic about sitting down with pen, paper and a well-thumbed Codex to come up with the next iteration of a list.

Some people might not spend as much time as I do looking through a Codex trying to work out what will not suck against the meta in my local area. For me it’s not about creating that tournament winning army, more about collecting a set of stuff that will still allow me to win but fits the models I like. In general I won’t play with models I don’t like, luckily that’s not really a problem with the new Dark Eldar as the range is pretty awesome.

When I’m creating the lists themselves I always list down the HQ first. In 40k you need to take at least one so not a bad place to start in my book. I then add in the Elites, then Troops, then Fast Attack and finally Heavy Support. I then tot up the points that I have spent to see how close I have come to the limit.

What amuses me (I have a weird sense of humour) is that I almost never end up within a few points of the target. I’m normally either 200pts under spent or at least 200pts over spent. This happens with alarming regularity and often leaves me with a conundrum. As I’ve already covered the required slots where do I spend those extra points? Normally, cutting stuff out is not a problem, so if I’ve overspent it’s normally on a duplicated entry so I can drop one or the other.

However, when underspent do I want another Troops choice to increase the number of units I have that can hold objectives or do I want to round out another area? Afterall, before I added things up I’d have been happy with the army configuration anyway.

Also, what do you do if you have say 60pts spare? Do you flesh out a squad with more dudes (something you might not be able to do if you have transports) or do you spend it on some upgrades, potentially making something even more expensive. It’s those moments when you don’t have enough for another squad of something but you’re very restricted in what else you can spend the points on and you need to spend them because who is going to go into a battle with 60pts+ still to spend on stuff?