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The entire crew of the 6InchMove floating citadel have been following the latest news with varying degrees of avidness, from reading about it at work to all the way through to being on holiday and missing it altogether.

I thought I’d regale you lucky googlespiders with my own often irrelevant opinions on the latest happenings.

Firstly – Finecast is amazing! I’ve see a few finecast models that I own in metal, and the detail is phenomenal. My own personal hatred of metal models is well documented, and I am so happy to see the Sheriff turn his back on the shiny evil. Upon observation, finecast models have minimal tidying up to do, minimal flash, no rebending of often bent parts. Just the time saved on prep is very welcome. Then the fact that resin sticks together soooo easily again saves a whole bucket of extra work. The test really comes as to whether they can keep the quailty high over time. Hopefully complacency won’t slip in and a year down the road we are again back to paying high prices for something which is badly moulded, coated in flash and has loads of bubbles to fill in.

Cost wise – yes they are quite possibly the most expensive models you can buy. However, I don’t think the pricing is too bad compared to old GW metals which were often in my experience shockingly poor value given the moulding quality and work required to get them looking half decent. Compared to the resins made by other companies finecast is way off the scale in cost, but as I say, if the quality remains staggeringly good I would still buy them, mainly because I like the IP and games. A minor side note is that I don’t buy into the whole “resin is cheaper than metal” argument. Raw material costs seldom make up the bulk of costs in any advanced manufacturing process, with most costs being in wages to the operatives that make the product.

The whole business with GW no longer allowing export from the EU to our antipodean friends is a bit of a dumb move, as some entrepreneur will always find a way to circumvent these kind of restrictions in this day and age of international markets and shipping. So fear not, Jason and Kylie will still be rolling dice well into their old age.

The regular above inflation price rises imposed by the Sheriff however is probably not a great idea. It’s like clockwork nowadays. It’s getting to the stage where it would probably be cheaper to get into polo than 40k. I do think that GW are missing a bit of a trick here. Wargames are generally addictive, and wargamers themselves just can’t stop. I have a few faily large armies I have collected for GW games over the years, and with the costs being what they are now I will hunker down and stick with what I have. The only money GW are going to make out of me is when I buy the next Space Marine Codex and the next rulebook for 40k. Oh, and maybe some new Warhammer Fantasy books when it stops being so lame and becomes playable again. Compare that with a few years ago, where I would happily spend some cash on a 1000 point new army just to try something different for a few weeks.

But hey, what the Sheriff does is up to him. It would be a shame if it all came crashing down though.

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