Does Anyone Understand Games Workshop’s Pricing Policy?

With everything that’s going on around the Intertubes this week it’s probably no surprise that the Sheriff finds a spot of ointment in its pot of Flies. While there are many of us who are suitably perplexed by such luminary decisions like reducing the size of the Orc Boyz regiment box from 16 models to 10 and keeping the price the same for less product, the “£25 for 10 dude if they are a special choice” ethos, or “we’ve reduced the cost of the materials we are making models from so lets chuck up prices and hope no-one complains” GW seem consistently inconsistent.

In fact, one of their new releases baffles but in a completely different way, in fact, I think I’m going to need that confused smiley that I used for the Sucker Punch review… wait here while I go find it…

There we go, I feel better after that. What I am talking about is the awesome model for the new Dark Eldar Razorwing Jetfighter. For those of you who have yet to gaze upon its majesty I’ll just throw a pic of it below;

Another fine addition to the best range of models in the GW product line-up for sure. Now, we’ve seen flyers before, there is nothing new there, the Valkyrie and Storm Raven are out already and cost a princely £40+ so, hazard a guess as to how much this beauty is worth?

You’re probably not even close, the RRP for this bad boy is £25.50! I was STUNNED, that such a kit has such a low price. Now, when you see the sprues there aren’t a lot of parts to this kit, the main body is pretty much a top half and bottom half so I’m not imagining it will be that hard to build. I can only imagine that a less complicated sprue is also cheaper to manufacture? I don’t think anyone was expecting a sub £40 kit let alone a sub £30 one. I spent my childhood butchering model aircraft with poly-cement so I owe it to my own hobby evolution to get one of these when it hits store shelves June 18th.

The fact the Sheriff feels justified in asking us to pay a tenner a time (at a minimum) for single figures with the new Finecast resi-plastic and then this kit being so reasonably priced baffles my brain. It would smack of the lack of a consistent pricing strategy within GW. Or that their pricing is so convoluted that occasionally it throws out wacky anomalies like this. I hope they stick to the price on this, we are yet to see the Voidraven but I imagine that as it’s supposed to be a larger craft in and of itself that’ll be the one we see hit that £40+ mark.

Amongst all the angst and public outcry though I am stunned to have a decent model that is fairly priced. Ten of those lovely new Tomb Guard would set me back the same amount of money, however, I have a complete Dark Eldar army already to use so grabbing me some supersonic pwnage is a much easier pill to swallow.

Watch out realspace, I’m coming to feed on your SOULS!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Does Anyone Understand Games Workshop’s Pricing Policy?”

  1. £25?! I am stunned! But then again, that’s probably because I am hardened to the Sheriff’s regularily ridiculously high prices. One of the longstanding pro model manufacturers such as Tamiya would sell you a bigger model, more highly detailed for half the price. I suppose it’s the IP we’re paying for here.


    I have to buy this now…and I had just sworn off the Sherriff for life….gorram Deldar are too sexy

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