Adventures With Metal And Dettol

In case you haven’t noticed, or more likely, haven’t been paying attention or don’t really care I have been building a Salamander force over the last few weeks. Things were going so well with my fantastic plastic until I managed to get my filthy hands on some nasty metal miniatures. Seriously, metal miniatures suck donkey nuts.

I bought myself Vulkan He’stan, king of the aforementioned twin linked everything marines and third in line to the Golden Throne of Terra (after Matt Ward and Dan Abnett). I truly forgot how awful metal models are. You probably know the score – deflash them, spend an age sticking your fingers to the model with superglue, finally stick the model together, rebend any bits which have gotten bent, spend an age painting them, watch the paint flake off, watch them fall to bits at the slightest bump etcetera. For me, things were not so smooth, in fact the paint started flaking off while I was painting.

Now then folks, I could have easily carried on painting the model until all of the paint had flaked off allowing me to start afresh. However, I decided to stick it in neat Dettol for two days. Hey presto, paint all gone and the study and my fingers stink of disinfectant. The instructions also state that Dettol shouldn’t be used around cats, so I gave it a quick test and let the cat sniff my fingers, to little avail. There again he actually likes the smell of turpentine, a proper modellers cat! I think secretly he really wants to build a cheezburger chapter.

3 thoughts on “Adventures With Metal And Dettol”

  1. I seem to recall a tip saying to give your metal models a good wash before you try to paint them, such as running them through a dishwasher cycle. Something to do with the release agent from the mould sticking to the surface of the model & inhibiting the application of paint.

    1. You’re not the first person to mention that to him…. Still, if he is convinced to keep using those filthy, beardy Marines paint flaking off is the leprosy for his sinful Space Marine ways!

  2. Yep, you are both probably correct! After all, you only pay an arm and a leg for these little metal gimps so how could you expect not to blow a gasket in simply making them gameworthy, at least until they fall off some terrain and collapse in a little metal heap!

    In fact, they already require so much un-fun work to prepare it probably wouldn’t be much extra effort to go to the sherrifs, give him twelve bucks and cast the little butt nugget yourself. At least you wouldn’t have to deal with packaging. After all, space marine boxes probably account for 99% of gaming rubbish (except anything listed as pro-painted on eBay).

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