Rift – Two Weeks On

I posted a few weeks back that I’d let my WoW subscription expire (not missing that at all btw) and had picked up Rift just before the founders subscription offer ran out.

My original post was really my first impressions and this is very much a highly polished MMO considering its age, however, in the ensuing time things have not all gone as well as they could. I spent around a week not being able to play at all, not good when you have a free month to try things out and are looking as to whether to subscribe, or even worse, encourage your friends to join you! However, this has now been resolved, largely through my own troubleshooting efforts. There are numerous people reporting connectivity issues, I was able to log in but would get disconnected in 30 secs to 2 minutes, nothing would load in the world and it was impossible to do anything.

I even rebuilt my computer to get around this issue and the only thing that eventually worked for me was to use the “Run as Administrator” option from the shortcut menu. I still get pretty hefty lag in Sanctum and well attended rifts but it is way better than before and I can actually play now. There are some lag spikes now and then but I can forgive a game this much as I know the forums are awash with complaints regarding this so I hope Trion are looking into it.

After playing through all the Callings there are I’ve settled on my Rogue. I picked Assassin, Nightblade and Blade Dancer as my first 3 souls and am enjoying it so far. Last night I hit level 16 and bought myself my first mount, a nice chocolate-brown horse. This really opens up the map and I like the fact that you are not restricted in when you buy your starting mount, the only obstacle is the money it takes to do it. You get tempted early on in Silverwood by seeing the horses but there are some sweeter mounts available in Sanctum with the faster ones becoming available at level 40 and 50.

Another level and I’ll be high enough to try the first dungeon too, I have done some quests to unlock further souls although you can’t swap them out with the initial three you choose. I have purchased another Role which will allow me to pick more souls and effectively have a second talent spec. Last night I earned my Marksman, Rift Stalker, Ranger and Bard souls. This now allows me the option for another DPS spec or speccing for tanking. I think I am going to finish gathering all my Callings souls before making a decision but being able to Tank or DPS should provide some interesting changes of pace. My quest log is brimming with stuff to do and as I complete them I am also collecting crafting materials.

Up until recently I was in pretty much fully crafted gear, OK I outgrew it reasonably quickly but it was nice that the stuff I was making was useful and I see people in their own crafted gear, at least around my level, not sure how it gets at higher levels.

Currently I am certainly not as hardcore with this game as I was with World of Warcraft but then I reckon that is a good thing. I haven’t yet thrown myself into a guild and am having a lot of fun just running around questing and doing things with Rifts as they appear.

Even despite the frustrations I had with the game stopping working for a while I’m happy with what I’m doing at the moment. A lot of the territory I am covering is familiar enough to WoW that you don’t feel lost within a new world, but there is enough there that is different to keep having stuff you want to do. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing how things pan out as I continue to level and being in a new world for the first time in a while is certainly refreshing. I’ll just need to keep myself honest as I have a lot of painting that needs doing too…