Wyrd’s Malifaux Guild Miniatures – Painted By nBreaker

Seriously, just wow. nBreaker is pretty new to this hobby and has painted maybe five miniatures in his life. To be at this kind of standard already is pretty epic. Miniature number sixteen wins him the Slayer Sword? Place your bets now people!

One thought on “Wyrd’s Malifaux Guild Miniatures – Painted By nBreaker”

  1. Holy Hell! Those are amazing! (Except for the glue/putty coming through the base slot but that’s an easy fix.)

    A trick the guy at my local GW store told me (before they closed) was to glue a washer, a nickel (or some other small coin) to the bottom of the base. It doesn’t do anything other than add some weight to the model, but it changes the “feel” of the model when it’s now a little heavier than your regular plastic model. It makes it feel a little more solid.

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