Games Workshop – Worth It Depending on Your Point of View

Now, I have to admit that there are few topics as likely to be as vociferous as the conversations around the Sherriff’s pricing strategy. Often lamented as going off the slots that particular units fill from a force organisation or army list point of view. At least that would go some way towards explaining why 10 White Lions cost you the same as a college education. This “myth” is debunked by the awesome Arachnarok that I think is well priced for the size of the kit.

However, what I don’t want is another rant against the Games Workshop massive and their inflation (and wallet) busting decision-making. What I actually want to say today is that perhaps I can start to understand the other side of the fence right now.

Way back when I first started getting into Warhammer Fantasy I looked through the armies and ended up with a load of stuff for the Tomb Kings. I’ve long been a fan of the Undead in the Warhammer universe and the Egyptian styling was an aesthetic that had great appeal to me. My enthusiasm for the army was only blunted after a brutal crushing at the hands of the floating citadel’s very own Wood Elf hippy-meister Gribblin. I sold the Nehekharans and my Beastmen in 2005 and never looked back, however they will always be my first army and now, as many of you will know, they are the next in line to be released.

Plenty of shiny new models are splashed across the Internet as every Tom, Dick and Ramses is linking and reposting the images. Now, I have to admit to being super-impressed with the new items. I loved the imagery before and they’ve done a really great job of updating things and adding in stuff that I like. The Sphinx are obviously the stand-out models for the new range and as it follows the same kind of pricing as the Arachnarok I would be happy to part with my cash for that.

The real reason for the post though is to talk about the Tomb Guard. These guys were one of my favourite units in the original book, OK the models weren’t all that hot really but I liked them. The new models look amazing and yet they are stuck in the new GW scheme of “elite unit requires you to sell your soul to afford them” or the £25 for 10 models bracket. I in no way agree with GW stinging people for that much money and as Warhammer is now a game of large infantry formations the marketing staff must be laughing all the way to the Ferryman as they no doubt have the funding for the bribe to take them to their infernal destination.

£50 for a starting unit of 20 (who uses normal infantry units in lower numbers than this really?) is the same as a battalion for most armies and you tend to get way more than 20 models in one of those (with the possible exception of the Beastmen one). Yet, now I see one of the armies I have always had a soft spot for get one of these plastic sets and I can honestly say that I would actually part with the cash for this unit. Now, I’d use a discount retailer to save as much as I could but if the only place I could get them charged the full amount I reckon I might pay it!

I’ve pre-ordered the book for Tomb Kings so I’m going to give them a look, I will more than likely look at the possibilities for making unit fillers if I choose to do an army but the Tomb Guard would need to be two boxes strong at least for any unit even with a filler anyway, 10 models on their own would not be enough to do this allowing for wounds to be taken without ruining the ranking of the unit. I like unit fillers for their opportunity to reduce the cost of a unit to purchase and they can look really good too, however, if I were to use fillers I’d expect my opponent to be able to tell how many were left in a unit by totting up the ranks and files from the movement tray without anything too abstract.

So here I am, annoyed by the prices GW want us to pay but then also looking at something that to me is a fantastic piece of design work and my heart overriding my head. Watch out Gribblin I may need to get some more sand, after all, how could I not want to field one of these?;

7 thoughts on “Games Workshop – Worth It Depending on Your Point of View”

  1. Although I’d love the miniatures to be cheaper (who doesn’t) I don’t feel that this works out as especially bad value.

    For £25 I could easily spend that on a night on the tiles or two, but 10 miniatures will take me many hours to assemble and paint, plus then I can push them round the tabletop to my heart’s content. If you compare it to beer value then it’s not so bad.

    1. True and I’ve seen that logic used before, however, those same 10 model sets used to be around £12 less than 18 months ago…. then you look at the Orcs release, you used to get 16 I think in the regiment boxed set for £18, now they are over £18 for 10 of exactly the same models. I understand that oil has gone up but I didn’t think I paid fuel duty on miniatures…

  2. “the marketing staff must be laughing all the way to the Ferryman as they no doubt have the funding for the bribe to take them to their infernal destination.”

    – I LOL’d at this!

  3. To be honest I’m really tempted to get the sphinx model myself, it just looks so awsome. Oh and I ‘lold’ at the Ferryman line too.

    1. Pretty much everyone here has used Maelstrom at some point or another and we’re always looking for cheap and reliable places to get our hands on the latest minis. Failstrom isn’t perfect though.

  4. I’m just glad I bought a lot of my miniatures when I was young, single, & rich (comparatively speaking 😉 and thought nothing about mail-ordering half a dozen Blood Bowl teams along with star players for each. Of course I never did get around to painting them all as the only person I ever played with was my mate who worked in Canberra, 600km away, and he only came back home one weekend every other month.

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