Warhammer 40k – Servitob’s Space Marines

Over the years I have presented you avidly reading googlespiders with many of my painting techniques and experiments, but I don’t think I’ve actually posted anything of my main 40k Space Marine force. Seeing as they were wiped out to a man heroically gave their lives for the Emperor yet again last weekend I thought it was about time that I showed them the love they deserve.

Despite many years of failing armour saves happy gaming, the chapter doesn’t yet have a name or much fluff. I am open to suggestions. Maybe I should run a competition or something. Nor have I found that ‘special model’ to be the chapter master, although I suspect he’s gonna be an apothecary. Maybe called ‘The Doover’. A portmanteau of ‘deadmarine hoover’, spending all of his time extracting gene-seed (BTW for all you youngsters an hoover is an archaic device that sucks).

By far the biggest failing fearlessly self-sacrificing unit in the army though are the assault terminators, but to be fair they’ve only been in two battles. The first they finally managed to deep strike on turn five in front of fifty ork shoota boys before being buried under a sea of shooting and melee dice. Their second outing was deep striking straight into a building. Even the chapter’s melta magnet foe distracting Land Raider usually survives more than two turns. So anyway, it was time to actually give them a paint job to help them up their game.

My usual tactics for playing this army are that I pick a valid force that I like the look of that fits the points values. In the many years of playing and countless battles this had lead me to two whole victories. One clean victory against the Tau and one victory where set-up was completely stacked in my favour. Loss-wise if you count losses to painted armies, then they have only ever been defeated by Gribblin’s Tyranids. That’s a pretty impressive record!

For Terra! For The Emperor!

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