I Feel Your Pain – NOMNOMNOM!!!

While I wait for the time to download the photos from Saturday’s game and give you a bit of a rundown of the game we had I thought I’d take this opportunity to “do a Gribblin” and throw up the list I took to our monster (pun intended) game.

Once again I threw down with my Dark Eldar, this time taking 1000pts compared to the 750pts the rest of my allies took. I changed things a little from the previous game, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I have dropped the Incubi as they need the Archon to back them up. I brought in a second unit of Wyches, after all who doesn’t want a bunch of crazed half-naked chicks rampaging across the battlefield?

For 1000pts I purchased the following;

2 * Succubus with Agoniser

5 Mandrakes

2 * 8 Wyches, Hekatrix with Agoniser and Raider with Nightshields

10 Kabalite Warriors with Splinter Cannon

6 Reaver Jetbikes with 2 Blasters

Ravager with Dark Lances and Flickerfield

Not much different to my last list. I’ve added in the Ravager to give me some anti-tank or anti-gribbly in this case. The Dark Lances did a good job of grabbing some Instant Death results having seen off some Tyranid Warriors, the Hive Guard and the Biovores. Being able to move at cruising speed and still shoot all of your guns is a fantastic asset.

The extra Succubus is a bit of an indulgence to be honest. I’ve picked up the new model released earlier in the month and used it alongside my conversion of Lelith. I’ve changed one of the arms on the proper Succubus model for a thinner and more Eldar looking spear as the one that comes with the model looks a little to heavy for my tastes.

The second unit of Wyches was always my plan for my eventual 1500pts list. While they die to a stiff breeze when out in the open you get these ladies in combat and they will destroy things while their dodge save keeps them relatively safe. Get them a Pain Token and their survivability is only reduced by power weapons or S6 or higher, while normally they are able to tarpit stuff a lot larger than they are.

Admittedly I got them all killed in this game, I thought I’d got far enough away from combat but really I should have held back the second unit from the Hormagaunts and not left myself open to all the Nid shooting. Oh well, you live you learn and Dark Eldar are not all that forgiving when you do make mistakes so your learning curve is quite steep. I am learning just how much you want to send into a combat in order to see it off in your opponents turn.

The Warriors saw off Termagants in close combat and also put a wound on the Trygon. Gribblin was actually passing quite a lot of his armour saves during the game which is always annoying hehe.

The Mandrakes didn’t really add anything, against the kind of force we were facing they just had nothing to do, sure they were a cheap throwaway unit really and by the time they decided to turn up both flanks were pretty much taken care of from our sides perspective, the real combats were being fought in the middle.

The Jetbikes did a lot more this game, their blasters proving quite effective especially when backed up by the Splinter Rifles, I.m enjoying this squad even if the combat drugs roll for this game was a 1 which was completely useless for them. I’ve still not used their blade vanes for an attack but they are fast and shooty and that’s good enough for me so far. Making better use of cover has also helped ensure their survivability.

I’m looking at the options I have for changing a few things around as well as the eventual 1500pts that I want to have. I’d really like a Cronos and/or Talos but until there is a proper model I’m not going down this route.