Hive Fleet Gribblin Feeds

This weekend found the 6 inch move team, plus one other, playing an impressive 4000pts game of 40k.  As I can field a large army of Tyranids it was decided that it would be a grand alliance of Space Marines (Servitob), Choas Marines (plus one), Eldar (Carabus), Dark Eldar (ZombiePirate) and Tau (nBreaker) against my horrible gribblies.  Above is a picture of the army I used.  So what did I pick?

  • Hive Tyrant; bonesword, lash whip & heavy vemom cannon, plus 3 Tyrant Guard with lash whips
  • Tyranid Prime; bonesword, lash whip & deathspitter
  • 2 Hive Guard
  • 3 Vemonthropes
  • 2 Lictors
  • 3 Zoanthropes
  • 5 Tyranid Warriors; deathspitters & venom cannon
  • 5 Tyranid Warriors; devourers & barbed strangler
  • 25 Termangants with fleshborers (2 units)
  • 25 Termagants with spinfists (2 units)
  • 30 Hormagaunts
  • 15 Genestealers plus Broodlord
  • 8 Ripper Base with Tunnelling
  • 5 Raveners with Rending Claws
  • Harpy
  • 20 Gargoyles
  • 3 Tyranid Shrikes
  • Trygon Prime
  • Mawloc
  • 2 Biovores
  • Carnifex; 2 twin-linked devourers
  • Carnifex; stranglethorn cannon

How did they get on?  Well ZombiePirate had written up secret objectives for everyone, each with their own victory points value.  Somehow I managed to win, not that you would have guessed by what I had left at the end of the game; a dozen Termagants and 5 Ripper bases, compared to their Ravenger, Defiler, Chaos Predator, Hammerhead etc that they had left.  The Tyranid’s primary objective was to eat as much as they could (now there’s a surprise), and after managing to kill 17 units I had done enough damage to the alliance to score a win, but only a marginal one.  They had managed to collect over 1500 victory points from their objectives, whilst I’d gained 1700.

The general theme of the game was as follows; every alliance unit (other than the Dark Eldar and the Daemon Prince) sat back and shot the hell out of my Tyranids for the first few turns.  The 2 Wyches uinits with Succubi assaulted the Hormagaunts and killed the entire unit in a single combat phase (ouch!).  The Wyches then got massacred to shooting from a Warrior unit and the devourer armed Carnifex which then gave nice targets to the Succubi (though the Warriors with Tyranid Prime seriously put up a fight – both Succubi only had 1 wound left by the end of it).  The Ravenger and Raiders spent time pot shooting at stuff whilst the Mandrakes were seen off by the second Warrior unit on the other flank.

The Tau took the first casualties of the game when my Biovores got a lucky first turn shot and wiped out an entire unit of Fire Warriors.  They then spent many turns of shooting and a Fire Warrior unit managed to beat a Termagant unit in close combat for a couple of turns before the Kabalite Warriors gave them a hand.  The Tau commander and the 3 Crisis suits he was with had a close encounter with the High Tyrant (enough said really), whilst the Hammerhead had lots of fun shooting its Railgun and missing a lot.  nBreaker did however manage to capture 2 of his objectives and score some nice victory points for the alliance.

The Eldar did a lot of damage with their Guardians and Fire Dragons, weakening the Mawloc enough for the Space Marines to kill it in combat, plus seriously hurting the Harpy and finishing of the Tyrant with Bladestorming Avengers.  This was however after the Tyrant and his Guard had stomped all over the Autarch and his Scorpions, plus finishing of the Guardians and said Tau units.  The Fire Dragons got eaten by Genestealers and the Falcon was first immobolised by the last Zoanthrope, and then had the creature assault it and headbut the pulse laser off it.

Servitob didn’t disappoint us by having his entire Space Marine force wiped off the table again, but he did do a lot of damage on the way out.  Taking out the Mawloc, the Harpy and a horde of Termagants.  He did get unlucky though when his Assault Terminators suffered a deep strike mishap and ended up getting lost in the Warp as they tried to teleport into the battle.

The player who scored the most vicotry points for the alliance was the newcomer who for this post at least I shall call Plus One.  This is a lad who has only just started to play wargames and we are glad to have him join us. His Daemon Prince kept two units of Termagants occupied, whilst the Raveners tried to take it down – didn’t quite work, the Raveners got shot up by the Chaos Predator on the way in and then what was left was splatted by the Daemon Prince.  He lost an rather large unit of Chaos Marines to the Genestealers, then massacred said aliens with rapid fire from the his other unit.  Due to him taking down the Carnifex on that flank there really was nothing to challenge the Defiler or Predator so they had lots of fun re-painting the terrain Ichor purple.  All in all a really fun game.

So what would I change in my army?  Well when it comes to the way I played there were a cpuple of stupid mistakes I made – such as deep striking the Trygon Prime right infront of the Fire Warriors, Crisis Suits and Kabalite Warriors (it didn’t last very long) that I hope not to repeat.  I also don’t think I will be deep striking this much stuff again, I just felt like there was too much missing in the earlier stages of the game (not enough targets for the alliance to shoot at), and even if a unit like a Trygon emerges in turn 2 (which it did) it wouldn’t be able to do anything except get shot at until turn 3 so I might start deploying some things as normal.  The other big change would be to take the Carnifexs out of the army, and I plan on writing another post about that, as they’re just not worth the points at the moment.

Still a good game, thanks for the fun guys.

One thought on “Hive Fleet Gribblin Feeds”

  1. I’m hoping to get the pictorial record up in the not too distant future but it was one of the most fun games I’ve had in a long time. You’re not the only one to have made mistakes, the Mandrakes went to the wrong place when outflanking really and I probably should have held a unit of Wyches back from that Hormagaunt combat, finished you off in your turn and then rolled up your line in our turn two, but them’s the breaks sometimes.

    Overall was a good game well fought, I think the Scorpions could have done more as they camped at the baseline and as you say a couple of Deep Strike mishaps really had a telling effect on the outcome. Still, after only the second game I am happy with my Dark Eldar and those two Succubi more than made back their points with the amount of stuff they killed off in that game. It must be because I spent time converting them, they must feel the love or something.

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