The Army Painter Wehrmacht Imperial Guard

So you take Warcraft away from somebody for a week and this is what happens… I got my grubby mouse-free hands on a Vallejo ‘Flames Of War German Infantry Paint Set’, mixed it up with some Imperial Guard models and dunked the whole lot in some Army Painter.

I did the bulk of the paint job sat in my car during my lunch break. Unfortuantely the strong tone has pooled a bit excessively. To prevent this in future I think I’ll adopt Carabus’s non-dunk technique of painting the tone on with one brush, then removing it with another to keep the stuff just in the shady areas.

It’s not going to win any slayer swords, but as a gaming model it would do the job nicely. I could probably even list it on eBay as ‘pro-painted’. If I come up with any more crazy ideas I’ll let you all know!

As a side note, do you think there are potential morality issues here?

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