Quitting World Of Warcraft For The Umpteenth Time! – One Week On

Last week I decided to give my career in World of Warcraft a break. It’s now one week on and so I’d thought I’d share the experience.

To begin with things were quite tough. Mainly because WoW is such an easy time filler. If you have any downtime, it’s easy to boot up and log on. Initially I missed that. It actually meant that I had to plan my recreation time better because I didn’t have the easy fall back position that WoW provides.

Positives So Far:
– More time for sleeping!


3 thoughts on “Quitting World Of Warcraft For The Umpteenth Time! – One Week On”

  1. I did the same thing and just put all that time into painting. As an experiment, I tracked how much time I did with my 40k hobby, and it averaged about 100 hours a month.

    I painted 8000 points of marines in about 60 days haha!

    1. It’s funny you should mention that, one of the first things I did post quitting was to buy myself some new paints!

      Yes, painting minis can be a time sink too, but it gives tangible, real results! Right now I have some painted test models on my desk, maybe for a new project, I’ll post about it soon if it turns out OK!

      Mini painting is an art form that requires practice, but can give satisfying results. Those skills and results will still be there when the WoW servers get switched off!

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